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Changes and adaptation

Dear Sirs,

When buying a house plan in our studio you do not have to worry whether you get a permission for the to the planned modification. Just after receipt of the house plan you will receive a free, universal, multi-point agreement at the most frequently performed changes.


Thanks to that your adaptive designer will have a free hand to work on the adaptation. If you plan changes which go beyond the scope of typical permission - no problem we will issue you a free additional permission. Just give us a call or send an email.


If during ordering a house plan you already know that changes go beyond the routine permission - please add extra points concerning changes you need in the order form.


If the idea of additional modifications "born" when you have already bought a house plan - please mail or phone to our studio. Below you will find the routine changes permission, which we enclosed to each house plan.
Changes in the house plan and adaptation.
Terms of adaptation for repeatable house plan.


We allows for following changes and deviations from architectural and construction house plan during its adaptation to the location:


  • changes of the outer contour of the exterior walls,
  • change of the internal contour of the exterior walls,
  • change of the interior partition walls,
  • change the function, number and location of individual rooms at any level in the house plan,
  • change of shape, volume and angle of the roof slopes,
  • change the amount, location and size of window and door openings,
  • change the type of material and technology of internal, external and foundation walls,
  • change the type and technology of ceilings on any tier,
  • change of location, shape and material performance of stairs in the building,
  • change in size, shape and materials, or liquidation: terraces, platforms and balconies,
  • eliminating or adding any number of dormers, bay windows, porches, balconies, loggias, columns, pilasters, porches, verandas,
  • change in finishing and installation materials,
  • change in the type of roofing,
  • eliminating or adding basement - partial or complete


Changes must be made by a person with the authority designer in accordance with regulations of the Construction Law and applicable standards. Other changes and modifications of the house plan should be agreed of design studio.

Permission to modifications is included to the house plan documentation.
Aadditionally, you can freely extend the permission for another modifications requested by the customer however, we reserve the right not to agree to the change which may disfiguring the house plan.
Our studio has a network of regional representatives - partners who deal with the sale of house plan and execution of adaptation to plots and make changes in the house plans.


If you want to find the right adaptive designer - visit our website 'representatives and partners". There you will certainly find a local design firm working at the area where you will build your house which will help you get through the formalities of adaptation, obtain a building permit and take care of applying the changes to the house plan.

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