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Glossary of term and definitions

Costs of implementation given at our website come from cost estimate of individual house plan. Cost estimate is made based on the catalogs of physical inputs, with the current prices from Sekocenbudu. In the cost estimate we accepted construction by the economic system, with average prices of labor and materials, equipment and transport according to the national average and this applies to all stages of implementation. Note: Costs are given in net values.


includes the construction of a building without windows and doors, covered by a roof without target cover of the roof, what means that roof is covered by a windbreak foil on battens or papa on full boarding;


It is a building structure as in OS with windows and exterior doors, and roofing;


This step includes:
- internal installation,
- electrical installation without accessories
- ceramic sanitary and bathroom fittings,
- wall and floor coverings,
- exterior and interior wall plaster,
- painting works,
- all insulation,
- window sills and baseboards,
- guttering and sheet metal processing, and the like.


Works do not take into account:
- connection to the building,
- environment around the house, patios, driveways, handles,
- bands around the building;
- fence of the parcel;
- furniture;
- balustrades and stairs finish;
- additional installations of our packages.

This is the stage that combines the scope stages of the raw closed state (RCS) and finishing works (FW).

Assuming that the work will be carried out by the economic system, with average prices of labor and materials purchased to build will also be in the range of average prices, so the overall cost of implementation should be in line, or similar to those which have been adopted in our cost estimates. In another case, any deviation from the house plan documentation, changes in the construction or purchase of materials from a different price range, as well as employ specialist company will increase in the cost estimate.


Cubature - volume of rooms with design elements (walls, ceilings)


Building area - area of the building in lower floor, along the contour of the exterior walls, the area that building occupies the plot.

Net area - the area of all the rooms in their usable heights (from height. "Approximately 1.8 m")


Usable area - the area of rooms in their use height with deducting of utility, technical and ancillary rooms, such as garage, attic, boiler room, utility room, pantry, storage, cloakroom, porch.


A basis calculation of usable area:
The Law of the Protection of tenant rights, housing resources of commune and amending the Civil Code dated 21 June 2001. (consolidated text in Dz.U. with 2005 no. 31, item. 266with further amendments).


Total area - the area of all floors along the contour of the exterior walls with the surface of the walls, with the deduction of slants below "about 180 cm" (for houses with attic).


Height of the roof ridge - the height of the building from zero of the house plan to the highest point of the roof ridge.


Minimal plot size - the minimum size of land on which the building is situated in accordance with the general regulations. Minimum dimensions do not include the foundation conditions on a particular plot, such as: valid line of buildings, protection zones. Minimal plot size refers to the external walls of the building and do not take into account the distance from the border, terraces, platforms and stairs in the house plan.


Building external dimensions - dimensions: length and width of the building at its widest point, including protruding elements as porch, arcade, bay window. The main body of the building usually has a smaller external dimension.


Slopes on the top floor - we deduct from usable area part of the floor surface located under the sloping roof . We deduct 100% of the surface to a height of 140 cm, and 50% of the surface to a height of 220 cm. The rest of the attic area in 100% is counted as usable area.


Angle slope of the roof - we give angles of all major roof slopes without roofs of dormers. If in a description of the building parameters were two or three different angles slope of the roof - this means that in the building there are roof surfaces with different angles of inclination.


Height of rooms - net height of the ground floor rooms from the finished floor to the ceiling.


One storey building/ bungalow - the building with non-usable attic or no attic - with an equipped only ground floor storey.


Building with usable attic - one floor building with the usable rooms in the attic. In the local plans it corresponds to 1.5 storey of the building.


Storey building - building with full two floors - ground floor and fist floor, wherein the first floor does not have slants below the usable height and is finished by a wooden or reinforced concrete celling.


Basement or a partial basement building - a building in which there is a basement under the whole or part of building.


Surfaces described in attics - often on the house plans, surfaces in the attic are describe doubly  - smaller area means utility room and larger area means floor of the room.


Gable roof - roof with two roof slopes and gable walls.


Hipped roof - roof with more roof slopes with the roof ridge, mostly house without gable walls.


Envelop roof - roof, which has four slopes and does not have a roof ridge, possibly there is a short ridge.

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