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Why buy a house plan from MG Projekt?




- We are the authors of the whole of our offer.
All house plans on our website are invented, designed and promoted by us. Then, thanks to you - our customers - over the years, our house plans were improved and changed.  Another online stores selling house plans of different companies are mainly brokers.




- We give you guarantee of the lowest price of house plan.
You buy the project from the authors so you can be sure that you are buying a product from "first hand" and no stars, crosses, inscriptions fine print will surprise you. No one will be persuaded you for additional unnecessary products or services.



- We guarantee the shortest delivery time.
Please do not believe in slogans such as: "will deliver house plan in two days" ... It just happens that in our country post office or courier does not deliver parcels to any place in Polish in one day. Real time of realization, which consists of print, folding and stapling, shipment and delivery of house plan is 3 to 7 days (depending on the place in Poland). And such terms always have to adhere to. Orders are always performed on the same or next day. Faster is impossible :), but still trying to get even faster ...



- We guarantee a comprehensive and professional service
You will receive very factly advice for our Studio, talking with the architect who designed house selected by you. Only with us you will receive as a substantive answer to the question about the possibility of making alterations in design, and information concerning house plan, materials, costs, or house installation. With us you can order the house plan, and additional packages, complementary basic documentation. We refer you to one of our local representatives who will adapt your house to the plot, bring modifications to the house plan, will help you wade through the building permit and on request will handle your future construction. We can also help you to obtain a credit for construction and we will find you a reliable contractor.


- Safe shopping

Buying house plan from MG Project you have a guarantee of a lack of financial risk.

Each order is confirmed by phone or email. We do not charge any advances. House plan are sent by COD shipment. You can always also pick up house plan in our headquarters personally.

We will not twist, combine - if you want to give the house plan back - within 14 days you can do it without giving any reason and any translations. You give us back house plan - and we offer 100% of your money. That is the law. Only with us you can also convert house plan to another with our offer after the expiration of the 14-day period, for a small fee.



- Several thousand satisfied customers per year since ten years.
Our company specializes in the designing and selling typical single-family house plan for 12 years. During this time, our clients had built many houses according to our house plan. It gives us a lot of experience in this industry. We know very well our house plans. Many times we served to help our customers when they had questions or problems during building. Remember during build you have our support!



Michał Gąsiorowski


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