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Albatross house plan

Usable area: 128.63 m2   /   The cost of the realization: 108 600 EUR
House plan Albatross - front visualization
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Albatross house plan is an easy to build, inexpensive house with usable attic for the family of 4-5 people. The body of building was designed on a rectangular plan. Attic is topped with a symmetrical gable roof. This project is a connection of the economic and functional solutions, with a modern and interesting aesthetics of the building. Albatross is a classic house with an attic and a gable roof that can be easily build by any contractor, and also has this "something": interestingly selected materials, good proportions, the right size of the windows, and above all – functional, reasonably planned interior. Ground floor of house, the living room, with a comfortable living room, central hall with ornate staircase, kitchen partially open to the living room and an extra room - study or guest bedroom and the economic part of the house i.e. garage and boiler room. On the attic, thanks to the high elbow walls three are spacious bedrooms, including a parents' bedroom with a separate bathroom and a dressing room. In addition, there is provided a place for laundry - possibly storage. Despite of a small area house plan Albatross is spacious and comfortable house that will provide luxury conditions for life, even for a large family. Energy efficiency solutions - good insulation, compact shape of the building – allow to reduce future exploitation costs, and the simple construction of house ensures less stress during construction. Albatross house plan is also available in a mirror version.

  • Cubaturea: 574 m3 / 20267,94 ft3
  • Built-up area: 112,70 m2 (126,73 m2 with arcades) / 1212,65 ft2  (1363,61 ft2 with arcades
  • Total area: 191,76 m2/ 2063,34 ft2
  • Net area: 134,35 m2 + garage 20,15 m2/ 1445,50 ft2 +garage 216,81 ft2
  • Usable area: 128,63 m2/ 1384,06 ft2
  • Roof area: 166,25 m2 (+ 22,79 m2 flat roof) / 1788,85 ft2+  245,22 ft2 flat roof
  • Roof slope: 40 degrees
  • Height of the building: 8,58 m (8,88 with foundation) 28,14 ft (29,12 ft with foundation)
  • Wide of the building: 11,50 m / 37,72 ft
  • Length of the building: 10,60 m / 34,77 ft
  • Minimum plot width: 19,50 m / 63,96 ft
  • Minimum plot length: 19,60 m / 64,28 ft
  • Height of rooms: 2,6 m / 8,53 ft

• Foundations - concrete bench and foundation walls with concrete blocks
• External walls –  brick walls - porotherm 25 blocks + polystyrene + thin-layer plaster
• Ceiling -  Teriva
• Elevation - thin-layer plaster on polystyrene
• Roof -  sheet metal seam (alternatively tile)


The costs of implementing:
The raw state open 35 900,00 EUR
The raw state closed 52 200,00 EUR
The cost of finishing works 56 400,00 EUR
Execution of turnkey home 108 600,00 EUR

Net notified costs, do not include VAT

To see simplified technical drawings of the house plan, please click on the link below. Select the house plan version that you interest - the basic or mirror version. The pdf file with dimensional drawings: floor plans, sections and elevations will open in a separate window. You can zoom in, zoom out and move the drawings on the screen. You can also print or save the drawings.

House plan Albatross- detailed file

House plan Albatross- detailed file - mirror

Albatross house plan 5236 grace2
2014.01.07 1 Pozytywny komentarz Negatywny komentarz

Hello! I want to start the building of this home soon. I already got a house plan and I’m fixing a building permit. I am very pleased that the looking for the project is behind me :), it’s not so easy ;). I ask the benevolent people to share their experience. I would be grateful for any information;)

MG Projekt answer
Witam serdecznie Pani Małgosiu. Tak wykonujemy takie zmiany i można zrobić lukarnę z wyjściem z pralni na taras nad wejściem. Może Pani taką zmianę zlecić na etapie adaptacji, lub u nas w pracowni, a szczegóły podajemy drogą mailową: [email protected]. MG
Albatross house plan 5235 M.J
2014.01.06 2 Pozytywny komentarz Negatywny komentarz

I'll also build this house, in my case decided minimalism: simple and easy to build body of curiously designed interior.

Albatross house plan 2961 new76
2012.09.05 1 Pozytywny komentarz Negatywny komentarz

I must admit that the area the house is fantastic and every functional. This is a very shapely and interesting house plan.


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