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House with a view 4 house plan

Usable area: 285.31 m2   /   The cost of the realization: 244 680 EUR
House plan House with a view 4 - front visualization
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House plan with view 4 is another version of the popular design house with a view. This is a very comfortable suburban villa for a family of 4 to 6 people. The house consists of storied main body and added one-storeyed smaller parts. The whole forms a "T" letter. The building can be set on the plot so that the wall with the entrance door and the garage door was in the front or in the side of the access road - depending on the situation. Garden, terraces and main glazing are then placed in the opposite corner of the plot. Also, the house can be also placed on a plot with unfavorable sun exposure - with a garden from the front or the side, but also with garden behind the house. Modern architecture of house fits perfectly in both strict of villas buildings, and in the rural area. Characteristic element here are large corner windows, eaves mild roofs and facades divided into strips finished with various materials, such as plaster, stone or wood. The house has a modern but toned architecture. It is quite and elegance. Thanks combination of good details house architecture never gets old and does not go out of fashion. One of the main attractions of the villa are the glazing and the biggest attraction is the two-storey glass corner of the sitting room, connecting living room with empty space with a terrace and garden. Other glass: in the dining room, the kitchen, bedrooms, or at the entrance to the house is further enhanced by the effect of the interior openness. The space is a luxury! The interior of the house were designed according to this thought. The ground floor is a large open living area - living room, dining room, hall, kitchen. On the ground floor there is an extra room - study or guest bedroom. On the top floor there are bedrooms of parents and children, with bathrooms and dressing rooms. The first floor has a large entresol above the living room which can be used as an extra room. House with view 4 is a house plan for special people, with vision, with the desire to live in an extraordinary surroundings of beautiful interiors. There is also available a mirror version of house plan (with garage on the right side), basic version (House with view), version reduced to 221 m2 (House with view 2) and version reduced of 30 % and cheaper in realization (House with view 3).

  • Cubature: 1656 m3 / 58473,36 ft3
  • Built-up area:
    • without arcades 265,86 m2 / 2860,65 ft2
    • with arcades 292,10 m2 / 3143,00 ft2
  • Total area: 441,87 m2 / 4754,52 ft2
  • Net area: 294,91 m2 + garage 42,00 m2 + attic / 3173,23 ft2 + garage 451,92 ft2 + attic
  • Usable area:
    • 285,31 m2 wg PN-70/B-02365 / 3069,94 ft2 wg PN-70/B-02365
  • Roof area: 426,2 m2 / 4585,91 ft2
  • Roof slope: 25 degrees
  • Height of the building: 9,14 m (9,44 m with foundation) / 29,98 ft (30,96 ft with foundation)
  • Wide of the building: 21,42 m + (arcade 2,88 m) / 70,26 ft + (arcade 9,45 ft)
  • Length of the building: 17,71 m / 58,09 ft
  • Minimum plot width: 30,30 m / 99,38 ft
  • Minimum plot length: 25,71 m / 84,33 ft
  • Height of rooms: 3,0 , 3,2 & 2,7 m / 9,84 , 10,50 & 8,86 ft
  • Foundations - concrete bench and foundation walls with concrete blocks
  • External walls –  brick walls –porotherm 25 blocks + polystyrene + thin-layer plaster
  • Ceiling -  monolithic reinforced concrete
  • Elevation - thin-layer plaster on polystyrene
  • Roof -  tile



The costs of implementing:
The raw state open 85 580,00 EUR
The raw state closed 134 300,00 EUR
The cost of finishing works 110 380,00 EUR
Execution of turnkey home 244 680,00 EUR

Net notified costs, do not include VAT

The project does not yet have the technical drawings.
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