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Economical 2 house plan

Usable area: 87.18 m2   /   The cost of the realization: 84 900 EUR
House plan Economical 2 - front visualization
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Economical 2 house plan is a small single-family house, for people who like modern solutions and do not like roofs with eaves. Attic in the project has so high jamb wall that there are almost no slant. This allows fully utilized the attic. House was designed on the plan close to a square. To the main body was built another garage. Attic is covered by a gable, symmetrical roof. Economical 2 is a variant version of Economical house plan – with garage build along the building. Simple, modern body, symmetrically and proportionally placed windows - all these makes the house well fit in every neighborhood. Modern materials and interesting colors of the building, go along with energy efficiency and simple design. On the ground floor there is a daily space, with living room, hall and kitchen, with nicely exposed staircase and fireplace. In the attic there are three bedrooms with a bathroom. On the ground floor there is also built another large boiler room and a garage. Of course you can also build a house without a garage. Thanks to its compact body and a very good isolation, Economical 2 house is energy efficient. Is very easy to adapt to the NF40 standard. Construction is very simple, and allow for a quick and inexpensive building, and subsequent economical exploitations. Small surface of house allows to qualify the project MDM program requirements.

  • Cubature: 447 m3 / 15783,57 ft3
  • Built-up area:
    • without arcades 89,97 m2 / 968,08 ft2
    • with arcades 89,97 m2 / 968,08 ft2
  • Total area: 151,97 m2 / 1635,20 ft2
  • Net area: 92,52 m2 + garage 19,04 m2 / 995,52 ft2 + garage 204,87 ft2
  • Usable area:
    • 87,18 m2 wg PN-70/B-02365 / 938,06 ft2 wg PN-70/B-02365
    • 92,52 m2 + garage wg PN-ISO 9836:1997 / 995,52 ft2 + garage wg PN-ISO 9836:1997
  • Roof area: 97,08 m2 + flat roof 24,06 m2 / 1044,58 ft2 + flat roof 258,89 ft2
  • Roof slope: 45 degrees
  • Height of the building: 8,99 m (9,14 m with foundation) / 29,49 ft (29,98 ft with foundation)
  • Wide of the building: 11,53 m / 37,82 ft
  • Length of the building: 9,43 m / 30,93 ft
  • Minimum plot width: 18,53 m / 60,78 ft
  • Minimum plot length: 18,93 m / 62,09 ft
  • Height of rooms: 2,7 i 2,5 m / 8,86 and 8,2 ft
  • Foundations - concrete bench and foundation walls with concrete blocks
  • External walls –  brick walls –porotherm 25 blocks + polystyrene + thin-layer plaster
  • Ceiling -  monolithic reinforced concrete
  • Elevation - thin-layer plaster on polystyrene
  • Roof - tile


The costs of implementing:
The raw state open 27 700,00 EUR
The raw state closed 46 300,00 EUR
The cost of finishing works 38 600,00 EUR
Execution of turnkey home 84 900,00 EUR

Net notified costs, do not include VAT

The project does not yet have the technical drawings.
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